Friday, October 3, 2014


we stand at the threshold of a great dawning
something deep within life is changing.
an era is ending and at the very core of creation
something new is being born.
we are awakening from a long collective sleep
an invitro dreaming deep within the womb 
of our mother earth.
now is the time of a great shifiting of cosmic wheels.
which will result in the reformation of our earth.
a trigger a radical shift in consciousness.
a galactic tidal wave of light is descending 
upon the earth.
activating the highest potential 
raising the frequency.
reality is being reformed, redefined.
the activation of new neural patterns 
will trigger new perceptions.
new information, new impulses,
and a recalibration of DNA.
open yourself to these high dimensional frequencies.
let go, love each other in these coming times.
be kind to eachother, gather in community, share yourself.
live your dream, live your heart,
open yourself.
be prepared for the challenges to come.
the dark times of chaos and upheaval.
we will experience a dynamic recalibration of
 electromagnetic fields on a global scale.
stay present, stay calm, and centered.
try not to judge what is happening
surrender to the process.
hold firm in the knowledge of what is being birthed.
the process of birthing is an awesome undertaking.
arduous task often fraught with intensity.
stay in the heart, stay connected 
with beloved friends and family.
remember that this too shall pass,
and is a necessary purification,
a great purge of all that is not in resonance with what 
is being born within us.
all will be redeemed and reformed in miraculous ways.
chaos will become peace and sorrow will become joy.
trust, trust with love.
the butterfly is a marvelous demonstration of the power
within trust and vulnerability.
in the miracle of metamorphosis,
after all what is a butterfly,
if not a caterpillar  flowering beyond its wildest dreams.
emerging from the womb of the chrysalis,
the butterfly discovers it restrictive silken shell,
to inherit a magical new world of flowers, breezes, & sunshine.
a world of freedom & delight & celebration of its divine nature.
spreading her wings for the first time,
she has no idea whether she can fly.
she simply opens her wings in perfect confidence,
and is effortlessly conveyed into
 the spiral dance of graceful flight. 
and all that remains is the joyful participation 
in the divine ecstasy of creation.
as you turn your light inward,
and witness your true nature,
you become an empty mirror, and go beyond 
beliefs & doctrines.
dissolving the veils, the formless takes form.
going or coming we are in the right place.
as the veils are lifted we will perceive worlds
of unimaginable beauty.
self transforming astral worlds of light will shine down,
and interpenetrate the density of matter,
making it translucent, less dense, and more permable,
to our thoughts and feelings.
multidimensional reality & the interconnectedness 
of all things will be as clear as sunlight.
and just as the light is not separate from the sun,
and the wave is not separate from the ocean,
so shall we recognize our connection to the source,
and recognize ourselves in each other,
as one vast ocean of love and light.
let the divine recognize the divine,
lights will find other lights,
and as the spark ignites within you,
so it will ignite in others.
in a magestic radiance of consciousness,
and set the world to light in magnificence.
a new world without fear,
without war, without greed,
in the safe custodianship of an awakened species.
manifesting peace with love, light, and celebration.
may the divine mother bless all sentient beings 
as her children.
may the ascended ones bless mankind,
may religion be swept away by the revelation
of what we are.
may the children of the earth understand,
that this is to be a birthing place,
of a new humanity.
the birthing of a new man,
utterly discontinuous from the past,
into a multidimensional being,

                                      ~ metara


she is the emergent presence
crowned queen, fully empowered, self possessed.
from the navel, the ground of being
SHE is subtle, blissful union of
 transcendence and immanence.

she is the alarm clock that suggest: now would be wise.
this note is on the tip of her tongue...
with endurance.

she is a different kind of femininity:
demon slayer
she is no sword, yet inexplicably sharp.
she is the primordial flower
& the bow of sugar cane.
unabashed friendliness.
existential eros:
the driving force of the seen & unseen. 

she is the energy of the secret heart.
ecstatic reverence
and the rapture of mystical mindfulness.

she loves everything OPEN...
in her reorientation of power.
she knows there is no time for another head trip.

she whispers:

 at the feet of DEVI... 

Tuesday, July 29, 2014


for as long as i can remember, i have taken speed from the champion guidance of animal energies and the awakening they nourish in a willing soul.
i am currently in deep rapport with the energies of WINDHORSE and have written a manifesto to feed my fires with a potent aliveness.
this freedom runner will cultivate conscious behaviors in every aspect of your life.
as the WINDHORSE runs it carries upon its back a wish fulfilling jewel,
 which points to the flowering of being, which is the totality of creation.

WINDHORSE is auspiciousness itself. 
a liberation runner, each step in radiant loyalty to authentic power, 
committed to movement, from truth, 
toward truth, and resting in truth.
think about the kind of attunement a rider embodies,
 when bare-backing on a horse, a WINDHORSE. 
there must be a complete at-oneness with this hot furry animal 
between the riders legs, a trust in, a surrender to, a co-creation with 
the gallop that is the journey. 
the authority of WINDHORSE is so real it is never called into question.
its power has no opposite, it never collapses, it is undefeatable, 
yet never overpowering. 

WINDHORSE share its gifts, talents, and abilities,
  as a kind of portal into the zone of dharma, flow, vibrancy, and abundance. 
WINDHORSE comes to us from the void, where answers live.
 carrying responsibility in a manner of balance.

its message is to legalize freedom, from the inside of your inside.
its song is one of unity - a melody of togetherness, WE ARE NOT ALONE!
think of two horses in a vast vast field, 
they will always be found standing together.

through the horse's eye, across the sky,
into your deepest desires & dreams,
may you manifest a life of fulfillment
as defined by You.

                                     W: is wild, wise & willing to work the edges.
                                          the windhorse is worldly & touched by wonderment.


                                       I: is intuitive, instinctual, intelligent & integrated.

                                      N: is a natural nurturer

                                      D:  is dignified, determined, devoted & 
                                           dextrous in acknowledging change.

                                     H: is heartfelt, humble, hardworking & an honorable
                                         practitioner of hospitality at every turn.

                                     O: is organic, organized, and known for being an
                                        outrageous lover of life.


                                     R: is refined & rebellious,
                                          is radically receptive,
is relaxed, reverent,
                                          and deeply responsible.

                                     S: is sacred, sensuous, sovereign,
                                         and sensitive toward any opportunity to serve.

                                     E: a windhorse  is...

Wednesday, July 16, 2014


each and every practice is a date with destiny, 
where you get the divine opportunity to make love with life, your life. 
each and every practice is a succulent revolution, 
rich with joygasmic revelation, 
that is the very fruit of your own presence & embodiment. 

in our yoga community, we are not simply talking about it...
we are about direct experience.
we are unraveling the wisdom
 that is 100 % available & inherent in every being. 
we dare to love, walking with beauty & openness. 
as practitioners we are interrupting the trance.
 we stop the spiritual bypassing, 
we make room for the miracle, on the most intimate level,
which is right there in the tissues of our bodies. 

 we dance, shake, howl and serve as our own liaisons.  
this process is about cracking the code through radical forgiveness, 
becoming a devotee of our own dreams,
 and understanding the love imprint.
 it can be ferocious to walk the true path, 
like riding a tiger... 
this is an access point to our unique sense of responsiveness. 
it's like putting your finger in the shakti socket and getting
struck by your own awakening.

we reveal the template,
that makes you a waymaker

come open to a juicer life...

 photography by MUI ROSSING


Friday, July 11, 2014


greetings yogis!
we are out of town at the moment, 
so my saturday morning class will not
 be meeting this week.

9 am !!!!
and on fire it will surely be, 
so i whole heartedly allure you to come
on out and pioneer some wild, body based, wisdom.

with both feet... i promise an all out 

i bow 1000 times to the BIG LOVE you all EMBODY!


Sunday, July 6, 2014


i am so deeply touched,
in awe, 
by the caliber of sanga which has been crossing 
the studio threshold, of late.
 i see how you are all dancing with freedom,
i feel how hot the fire is.
there is evidence of evolution in you eyes
and attitude.
i see how much less afraid we are,
how much more accessible we all are,
how we have realigned with our receptivity.

and... i bow deeply to how devoted you all are,
how willing, how real, how vulnerable, how potent,
 how alive.

what happens when we banish the word struggle
from our vocabulary and behavior...........

we come into the embodiment of singularity,
pouring forth the frequencies of a genderless great spirit.

we become the mobility of all movement,
 from the truth, we do all things,
without leaving ourselves.

we become the spotless mirror,
no longer glued to the inherited, predictable
projections and strategies.

we no longer sit at duplicity's banquet table,
for we have taken to the open road,
 and with 1000 eyes, see the active aspect of consciousness
permeating all creation.

there is a freedom inside of you that cannot be taken away.
and it is out of this freedom, that we take full responsibility,
because we can, because we choose to,
because we are rooted,
deeply rooted into a place within that is beyond all the differentiation.

do not ask for permission,
be bold,
be humble.

remember, this magnificent refuge is inside the portal of your own heart.
you've got the keys,
and your already ripe with the fruits.

SO ENTER !!! from wherever you are.
begin anywhere...
come claim your seat in this remarkable sanga,
it is waiting for you, it always has been. 

                                                   in the utmost devotion,

WEDNESDAYS - 5:45-7:15 pm
SATURDAYS & SUNDAYS - 9-10:15 am

photography by Mui Rossing